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Authentic Thai Cuisine

We serve authentic Thai food, both traditional and modern style cooking.

Our "Thai Hot" makes the 

desert feels like Winter

Just kidding! We do not serve just spicy food. THAI HOT Restaurant has a collection of savory dishes that are not spicy. But if it's the heat that you after, we got you covered too!  

Traditional Thai 

At THAI HOT, you can expect nothing less of an authentic Thai food. We serve traditional Thai food from all regions of Thailand, including Isaan (kudos to you if you know what it is), Southern, Northen, and Central Thai food.

Modern Thai

Thai food has been constantly evolving over time. Some new dishes have been invented using modern cooking technique. They taste great, while retaining a hint of its Thai root. At THAI HOT, we bring some of those dishes from Thailand straight to the valley.  

Thai Drinks

We definitely love Thai tea and Thai coffee, but hey, Thailand has many more kinds of drinks to offer. Here we offer a glimpse to some of those, including Thai kombucha, flavorful herbal/floral drinks, and many more.

We serve delicacies you would not find at other typical Thai restaurants

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See many other unique Thai dishes (both spicy and not) we have to offer

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